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Alternate Dispute Resolution

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Alternate Dispute Resolution

RN Mittal & Associates is one of the dispute resolution legal services in Jaipur that provides ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services. Our ADR lawyers in Jaipur is best in resolving Disputes between the parties without the intervention of judicial institution and without any trail. The way of ADR is an effort to solve client’s problem using different options like arbitration, mediation or mini-trials out of court. Alternative Dispute Resolution advocates is best in resolving disputes out of court.

The equity conveyance framework in India has gone under extraordinary pressure because of a few reasons. At exactly the same time because of the effect of globalization there is fast expansion in questions among the gatherings which require rapid and successful goal which the antagonistic framework was neglected to convey. In this specific situation, debate goal through intervention, intercession, lok-adalats and arrangement are viewed as more viable, less tedious and bother free substitute type of question goal in India. Thinking about its importance, Institute of Law, Nirma University has set up the Center on Alternative Dispute Resolution to improve information, comprehension and extent of Alternate Dispute Resolution; and to make consciousness of Alternate Dispute Resolution as a component of equity conveyance framework; to prepare the understudies and different experts with useful part of discretion, intervention and other ADR instrument to take up autonomous profession in this field.

  • To develop skills related to various ADR mechanism among students and Legal fraternity;
  • To provide a platform of deliberations and discussion related to ADR;
  • To encourage interested students in advancing their studies towards this subject;
  • To conduct Practical Training Workshops for the students and other stakeholders;
  • To create awareness of ADR through various events like Panel Discussion, Symposium, Seminar, Client Counselling Competition, Negotiation Competition etc. on the subject.

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