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Habeas Corpus Writ Petition

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Habeas Corpus Writ Petition

Habeas Corpus Writ Petition

Habeas Corpus Writ Petition

by DigitalOpeners

05 Oct 2021


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Habeas corpus is a writ which is filed before Hon'ble Supreme court and high court directly, when any person has been illegally detained by other person.

For Example

  1. If police has detained any person without any authority of law
  2. If A person forcefully detained any other person in his house or anywhere else.
  3. When a minor girl/boy has been taken in custody by a person, who do not have any right in law to hold custody of such minor.
  4. When bride has been detained by her father or relatives and illegally forced not to marry with her choice and many other circumstances
Who can file Habeas corpus

Any person can file this petition, whether known to the applicant or not, and prayed to immediate release of the detenu.
In the case of minor, court will handover the custody of that minor to such person who have right to take custody of that minor, in law.

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