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Information Technology Law

Information Technology Law

Information Technology Law is a legal field that deals with the laws and regulations surrounding computers, software, firmware, hardware, and all related items.

In addition to the technical aspects of IT law, there are also topics such as consumer rights, corporate responsibilities, privacy laws and data security laws.

In today's world of technology-dependent businesses, it is essential for attorneys to understand this legal field. An attorney who practices information technology law is often referred to as an IT lawyer in Jaipur or cyber law attorney in Jaipur.

The practice of information technology law has grown significantly in recent years as the number of businesses that rely upon technology increases. Information technology lawyers are also involved in contract negotiation with vendors and clients regarding the development and distribution of software applications.

Advent of computers, followed by Internet has revolutionized the human existence and their conduct in the society. The information can be accessed, stored, retrieved and distributed speedily and easily. The traditional paper documents are now being replaced by their electronic equivalents. The commercial transactions and individual functioning are more and more driven by the digital technology. This transition has put forth need for a law to facilitate and govern activities in the information society and has thus led to the passing of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act).

The primary focus of this course will be on studying the information technology law. In addition there will be an insight into the applicability of other laws in the digital environment. The learning outcome of the course will be understanding the provisions of Information Technology laws provided to facilitate electronic commerce - electronic signatures, data protection, cyber security; penalties & offences under the IT Act, dispute resolution, and other contemporary issues.

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