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What is writ petition?

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What is writ petition?

What is writ petition?

What is writ petition?

by DigitalOpeners

05 Oct 2021


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Writ is the document/order/directions which can be issued by the constitutional courts in India (Supreme Court and High court) against the state to do, or not to do some acts.

Types of writs
  1. Mandamus
  2. Certiorari
  3. Habeas corpus
  4. Quo warranto
  5. Prohibition
Who can issue writs?
  1. Supreme court under article 32 of the constitution
  2. High court of the state under article 226 and 227
Against whom it can be issued

It can be issued against state. State includes central government, state government, government companies/entities, any institution which is aided by government

How the order of writ is complied with?

Contempt petition may be filed against the responsible person if the order of writ petition is not being complied with.

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